Digglahhh is a junkie for mid eighties to mid nineties hip-hop culture. He is influenced by a wide range of schools of thought including, but not limited to, Marxism, Existentialism and Postmodernism. But his favorite “thinker’ of all is George Carlin. Digglahhh is an encyclopedia of useless sports knowledge and a fantasy sports geek. He fears that he will never grow out of playing drinking games and knows that his “competitive nature” is just a rationalization for the fact that he thinks binge drinking is tons of fun. He hates self-important people and wishes the subways would become dangerous again. People who oppress people to become wealthy should not feel safe around those who they oppress. He feels that MTV’s “Super Sweet Sixteen” is the most offensive show on television. Digglahhh’s grandmother would advise him to brag about his SAT scores, but he won’t tell you what they actually were because he is only cryptically arrogant. Digglahhh wishes he could find out how the hell The Onion hires its writers. Digglahhh is a regular commentor and contributor to http://metaphorical.wordpress.com. He only refers to himself in the third-person in “About pages.”


4 Responses to About

  1. Have you read Fantasyland, by Sam Walker? The WSJ sports writer takes a year off to compete in an elite-level Rotisserie baseball league, thinking that his inside access and knowledge of the players and managers will give him an edge. He quickly finds he’s totally outclassed, hires a professional statistician and a sports geek to work as his assistants, and spends close to $50,000 out of his own pocket (I’m suspecting it may have been his publishers’ pockets, but it’s unbelievable either way) traveling to spring training and team clubhouses to get the inside scoop, then still overbids on players nobody else wants. All this for a competition in which there is no prize money. Fascinating and hilarious.

  2. digglahhh says:

    Yes, I have. In fact, I’ve played in Fantasy Leagues with some of the people who participated in “Tout Wars.” The fantasy experts often fall victim to the trap of trying too hard to justify their “expert” status. The same reason why Peter Gammons predicted Bobby Crosby to the AL MVP before last season… For some reason they feel like choosing David Ortiz to be the MVP violates their expert status if he does not win it (because they didn’t go deep enough) but throwing some outlandish pick out there does not denigrate their status even if it is horribly wrong. Real sports pundits try to convince themselves that guys like Bobby Crosby are balance of power shifting stars. Fantasy pundits try to convince themselves, and then us, that Rickie Weeks can outproduce Chipper Jones.

    The NASA guy, Sig, now works for the Cardinals. He came in for part of the summer to work out of the MLB.com offices, but that was a short while after I left. My girlfriend worked with him though. He has a St. Louis 2007 World Series ring, she has a Mets logo tattoo…

    All things considered, I was underwhelmed by the book. I didn’t think the writing was particularly good and I thought there was only half as many pages worth of story as wound up being written.

  3. Hey, Digglahhh:

    Did you see this story – http://nymag.com/news/features/32388/ – in New York Magazine, about the guy who’s going around defacing all the “street art” in SoHo (which is itself technically vandalism)?

    I have no idea what the ins and outs of the issue are, and the thing was so long and loaded with hipster name-checks that I couldn’t finish it, let alone understand it. I have to say I’m at best mediumwhelmed by graffiti art to begin with. But I thought you’d have a lot to say about it.

  4. digglahhh says:

    Sorry, KTK, I hardly ever check in here.

    I didn’t see the story at the time, I heard some things about it in passing though. Graff is one of those interests that I go on binges with. I mean, I always check the rooftops when I’m on the trains and stuff, but as far following what is actually going on, I’m in and out.

    There have been some pretty famous “dissing” incidents. There was “SCANT” going over all the pieces in the Hall of Fame. There was JA, one of the most prodigious “bombers” in NYC history, going over the 250′ x 55′ “SABER” piece in L.A.

    You can see before and afters if you scroll through this thread: http://www.citynoise.org/article/561

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